Sell or Rent your pretigious villa
with Sardinia Unlimited

Sell or Rent your prestigious villa with Sardinia Unlimited
Sardinia Unlimited proposes your property to selected international customer and helps you to make an income guaranteeing excellent results and professionalism.

Value and competence: once your property has been inspected, we will take care to create a professional photographic service that is functional to propose your villa to our customers and international partners. We offer consultancy to give more value to your property and make it as profitable as possible.

Punctual and safe payments: we offer different remuneration profiles with various contract formulas, with punctual and safe payments, respecting the needs of the owners. We also provide ad hoc solutions for owners awaiting the sale of the property.

Possibility to reserve some periods for the exclusive use of the owner.

Contact us by email or at +39 3409805459  -  +39 3272615656 to present your property.

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